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The Precast concrete association is an independent industry association for Norwegian manufacturers of concrete elements for construction industry.

The association has roots back to 1928 and currently has 67 main members with a total of 49 factories, 39 associate partners and 19 assembly contractors. The main members traded for 4.5 billion NOK in 2013, with 3,000 employees. The association has member companies in all counties in the country, where they contribute significantly to value creation, employment and involvement in local communities. The assembly companies are an ever-growing member group that gains their interests through the association with the association. Today, 19 assembly companies have joined the association. The companies here contributed in the association's work to build post-graduate modules for assembly managers, chairmen and bosses to meet the requirements of the execution standards (NS-EN 13670). The association's 39 support members contribute in joint projects such as the concrete element book, as instructors at a course / conference and in many other ways in the industry's activities

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