Vi fornyer nettsiden

I forbindelse med fusjonen mellom Fabeko, Betongfokus og Betong Norge - Betongelementforeningen jobber vi nå med å fornye vår nettside. Takk for tålmodigheten.

About Betong Norge

Concrete Norway is an independent industry association for the Norwegian concrete industry. Our members contribute to value creation, innovation and commitment to a sustainable business life throughout the country.

On the 1st of January 2024, the industry associations Fabeko and Betongfokus merged with Betong Norge - Betongelementforeningen. The three industry associations join forces to create a strong and unifying industry association for the Norwegian concrete industry in Betong Norge (Concrete Norway).

Concrete Norway safeguards the interests of its member companies in industry and business policy issues, and works for a knowledge-based approach to construction products, climate and the environment. We strengthen the member companies through education and supporting research and development. Concrete Norway has a close collaboration with research institutions, universities and colleges. The association runs its own publishing house and course activity, the purpose of which is to contribute to productivity growth and strengthen the work with health, environment and safety in all parts of the value chain. We are visible in the public discourse, and are an important conversational partner for authorities, organizations and other players in the business field.

The association's goal is a modern concrete industry that is part of the solution when we are building our future society. 

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Motta nyhetsbrev?

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